Biatta Murk (Furmanskaya)

Biatta Furmanskaya is a spiritual healer. She was born in Ukraine and moved to the USA about 30 years ago. Her parents were also healers and psychics. They passed down to her the psychic gift. She overlooked that she had a gift until she discovered that she is a psychic about ten years ago. She used to work at the hospital as a food servicer for thirteen and a half years. She has participated in many different spiritual retreats. Now she is focused on working to heal people and doing artist work. She mediates and channels into while making the jewelry. She resides in New York City. She also has three children.

i do practice medicine in the madical sense, do not  make diagnoses and do not offer therapie. With my offers l encourage to activate one's own self-healing power.
My applications do not replace a visit to a doctor, alternative practitioner, psychologist or psychotherapist.)