Biatta Murk 

Biatta Murk (-Furmanskaya) I am a spiritual healer and hand make creative art and jewelry. I was born in Ukraine and moved to the United States 30 years ago where i resided in New York and New Jersey. I worked in a hospital for thirteen and a half years as a (expeditor)food hand. I have also participated in many different spiritual retreats. Now I am focusing on getting more creative with my art and making jewelry as it brings me peace and happiness. Also, I meditate and think while making the jewelry and art. My creativity has refreshed me, help reduce any anxiety, calmed me down, increased love, and helps keep my mind focused. I enjoy doing all these things so much, as it is my passion. I believe creativity is love, and love is blessings. I now reside in Switzerland with my husband whom I have been married to since 2020. I also have three beautiful and wonderful adult children.
Love Biatta.

Le Festival en 2024, Reims FR

4 au 7 Juillet 2024 - Festival international des arts en Langue des Signes

Village Clin d'Oeil

Lieu :
Chaussée Bocquaine 
51100 Reims