A.81. The Ocean Heals the Souls 💙💎🦋

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  • Ocean shells 
  • Ammonite  Fossil 
  • Fresh water Pearls
  • Green Fluorite Tumble Gemstone
  • Turgiouse Gemstone 
  • Rhodusite   Gemstone
  • Blue shells 
  • Chakras 
    1)Root chakra (Red Jasper )
    2)Sacral Chakra(Carnelian )
    3)Solar plexus (Tiger Eye  )
    4)Heart Chakra(Green Aventurine )
    5)Troat Chakra(Blue Lasuli )
    6) Third eye Chakra(  Dark Blue Sodalite ) 
    7)Crown Chakra (  White Opal )
  • Size 40 cm/40 cm 

Ammonite benefits the root chakra, and stimulates the third eye. It is both grounding and helps us connect to the spiritual realm through spiritual guide
Pearl keeps emotions under control, bestows facial charm, beauty, fame and 

promotes good memory

 Blue Turguoise  good for Clean throat and calm Peace
 Green  Fluorite Tumble good for benefit
Cleaning your mind  and calming
5.Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer 
Blessing to everyone 🙏🏻🌹💙💎
Interesting please inbox me  or order  online 🙏🏻🦋

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