A.83.The Crown Chakras

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  • Media-craft and acrylic 
  • Gemstone 7 chakras
  • The crown chakra is the highest center of spiritual awareness 

  • 1)Root chakra (Red Jasper )
    2)Sacral Chakra(Carnelian )
    3)Solar plexus (Tiger Eye )
    4)Heart Chakra(Green Aventurine )
    5)Troat Chakra(Blue Turguoises  )
    6) Third eye Chakra(  Purple Amethyst) 
    7)Crown Chakra (  White Opal )
  • Gemstone Rose Quartz brings the energy rays of commitment , calm and caring. ... Pink is the color of n love, romance and relationships. Improving  and increases  our caring and loving abilities. Peace and Love 💖💞💖

Size 20cm/20cm 
Interesting please inbox me or click online  
Blessing to everyone 

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