A.Ocean of Love Meditation

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Gemstone chakras
1  Root chakras coral Gemstone
2 Sacral chakras Carnelian Gemstone
3 Solar Plexus chakras Tiger eye Gemstone
4 Heart chakras Green Aventurine Gemstone
5 Throat Chakras Blue lapis  Gemstone
6 Third eye chakras Purple Amethyst Gemstone
7  Crown chakras Crystal  Gemstone
TUMBLED blue and green Amazonite good for soothe tense and aggravated situations and to enhance love. Since this stone is associated with the throat and heart, CALM
Peaceful ,Spiritual self care , healing find your spiritual care ,love myself , more Analyzation and your inner self 💖
Release negative energy and powerful WITH OCEAN LOVE
Seashells, shells are supposed to enhance travel luck as well as strengthen long-distance relationships, relief stress and protection
Green aventurine love compassion